Outlet Malls – Outlets for What?

On 2010.01.25, in Society, by Greg

Smartmoney has an article that shows how far retailers have adapted to outlet malls. Salient points:

  • For most retailers, outlet malls have become clearance centers
  • Some retailers are stocking the “gaps” in lines at outlets with “outlet-only” merchandise, not marketed through other channels
  • Less overstock is available these days and much of that is going to TJMaxx, sample sales, and charity

Apple’s Tabla Rasa

On 2010.01.25, in Technology, by Greg

Tabula rasa (Latin: blank slate) refers to the notion that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that their knowledge comes from experience and perception.

We will soon know much more about the new Apple Tablet, on January 27, only two days from now. It could be entertaining to predict what sort of design Apple will announce and find out how far off I am once revealed. If I were designing a new Apple Tablet, this is what I would specify:

  • Thin…very thin…like an 8.5×11 paper pad.
  • 11″ touchscreen.
  • SSD – Solid State Drive…no moving parts, low power consumption.
  • Inspired by the existing Mac Air notebook computer.
  • Multiple USB connections and Firewire.
  • 4GB RAM, Intel low power processor.
  • Non-replaceable battery.
  • Mac OS-X Touch software.
  • Improved software for handwriting recognition.
  • WiFi and maybe WiMax.
  • Data plan for Internet access and media downloads, this time from Verizon Wireless.
  • Speakers, microphone, and camera(s).
  • All software in the iTunes library that works for iPhone will work for tablet device.
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    PeerGuardian 2 and Logitech Vid

    On 2010.01.19, in Technology, by Greg

    If you use PeerGuardian 2 (PG2) and Logitech Vid, you will notice that PG2 blocks NebuAd, Inc at It turns out that this IP address actually belongs to SightSpeed, Inc. Logitech bought SightSpeed on Oct 29, 2008. Because of the nature of the videoconferencing service provided by SightSpeed, one can see that it is necessary for the workstation to check in with a SightSpeed server on a regular basis in order to be able to answer in incoming video call. That’s because most firewalls are configured to block incoming protocols and ports except responses to outgoing http, https, ftp, etc requests.

    So far I can’t see an advantage of Vid over Skype.

    If anyone knows why PG2 would associate NebuAd (now defunct) with SightSpeed, please leave a comment.

    Also, If you see any significant advantage of SightSpeed/”Logitech Vid” over Skype, please leave a comment.

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    The Christmas Day Airliner Attack and the Intelligence Process (Stratfor)

    “A process that says that in a war against radical Islamists, an elderly visitor from Iceland is as big of a potential threat as a twentysomething from Yemen might satisfy some ideological imperative, but it violates the principle of common sense and blocks the authority and the motivation to act decisively.”

    “…given the level of effort and cost involved in terrorist protection throughout the world, successful systems for distributing intelligence and helping identify potentially significant threats are long overdue. The U.S. government has been tackling this since 2001, and it still isn’t working. But, in the end, creating a process that precludes initiative by penalizing those who do not follow procedures under all circumstances and intimidating those responsible for making quick decisions from risking a mistake is bound to fail.” -George Friedman, January 4, 2010

    The Obama administration has worked diligently since taking office in January 2009 to undermine the Intelligence community both in tools and in morale. There is no limit to the number of surprises we will endure until removed from office. How could any FBI or CIA employee admire a buffoon like Janet Napolitano.


    Snowball Fight!

    On 2010.01.01, in Humor, by Greg

    The following animation was created by Gregory Jr. and features the entire family:

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