Horsetail Firefall

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Horsetail Firefall

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This is an amazing natural photo that was not retouched with Photoshop. Quoted: “Horsetail Falls is a small seasonal waterfall that only appears in late winter and early spring. It flows over the east side of El Capitan, so as a backdrop it has one of the most impressive walls of granite in the entire park. Then – only for part of February, and only when the sky is clear – the very last sun rays of the day selectively linger on the falls, lighting it up with a golden glow that makes the water look like lava.”

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January 25th of this year I listed my predictions for what is now being called the Apple iPad. You might say that the implementation is a bit shy of my predictions.

  • It’s not as thin as I thought
  • The dimensions are about right; I guessed 11″ (I meant for the diagonal including the display, but the delivered display is 9.7″)
  • I was right about the SSD, but I thought that it would be of a useful size
  • Looks like it is inspired in part by the Mac Air
  • No USB – oops got that wrong — how could they omit USB?
  • As of this writing, it is not known how much RAM is in the iPad — dude, I would not buy the thing for that reason alone
  • Sure enough, the battery is not removable, so you’ll have to find some other way of extending life
  • Nothing special for handwriting recognition
  • The OS is iPhone OS 3.2, not Mac OS-X Touch — users will pay for that decision
  • WiFi and no WiMax
  • Cellular service from AT&T, a decidedly inferior data network to Verizon
  • Well, it does have speakers, microphone, and headphone jack, but no camera — you’re kidding — no camera
  • iTunes access for sure

In addition to those shortcomings, here are some others that are truly surprising:

  • The browser does not support Flash; you will suffer in your web browsing
  • No multi-tasking
  • No video output
  • The dock does not do what you expect
  • No printing to a connected device; get ready to buy a Wifi printer or make some other arrangements
  • No optical drive
  • Eye strain is likely to be a problem trying to read for extended periods of time due to the display technology choice
  • iPhone apps may display very small unless they have been re-written for the iPad

You decide. No iPad for me…maybe never.