Kindle a flame or a smolder?

On 2007.11.26, in Technology, by Greg

Amazon just introduced Kindle, an ebook reader.

Larry Magid in an opinion piece at the San Jose Mercury sees some problems: “It would make a lot more sense if it were under $100. Or they could have justified the price if were also a decent music player, Web browser and PDA…Another drawback is an annoying black flash on the screen when you push the next page button.”

Andy Greenburg in a similar piece at Forbes says “Even with its sterile look and high price tag, it just might be adopted by law students looking to compress their pile of textbooks, or frequent business travelers tired of hauling paperbacks. McGraw-Hill spokesman Frank Briamonte points out that for higher education textbooks, the company’s e-books are already 55% cheaper than its printed editions. As such electronic books hit the mainstream, will they transform the publishing industry the way that the iPod has transformed the music business? Wait for Kindle 2.0–or for Apple to invent something far more fun.”

John Paczkowski at AllThingsD surmizes thatApple could easily develop an e-book reader for the iPhone or the multitouch tablet it’s allegedly prepping for market, launch it in concert with an iTunes bookstore or a partnership with Google Book Search and, ba-da-bing, turn the Kindle into the Zune of e-book readers.”

Nitrozac and Snaggy of Geek Culture’s Joy of Tech offer this summary:


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