When you install Mountain Lion upgrade on the Mac, don’t be surprised if your Java installation gets blasted. I use CrashPlan for Cloud and local backup to the Mac. Crashplan depends on Java. Oops.

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Mac OS X Server is an App

On 2013.04.28, in Technology, by Greg

The server-specific server applications and work group management and administration software tools from Mac OS X Server are now offered as “Server App,” an add-on package for OS X sold through the Mac App Store along with Server Admin Tools 10.7, available from the Apple support web site. There is no separate Server OS. This means that if you want server, you first install the Mountain Lion desktop release, a $19.99 upgrade to Lion, then separately download the Server App, also for $19.99. There is no separate server edition of Mountain Lion, just as there was no separate server edition of Lion. You cannot download the Mountain Lion Server App to a Mac that does not first have Mountain Lion installed.

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Apple’s Tabla Rasa

On 2010.01.25, in Technology, by Greg

Tabula rasa (Latin: blank slate) refers to the notion that individuals are born without built-in mental content and that their knowledge comes from experience and perception.

We will soon know much more about the new Apple Tablet, on January 27, only two days from now. It could be entertaining to predict what sort of design Apple will announce and find out how far off I am once revealed. If I were designing a new Apple Tablet, this is what I would specify:

  • Thin…very thin…like an 8.5×11 paper pad.
  • 11″ touchscreen.
  • SSD – Solid State Drive…no moving parts, low power consumption.
  • Inspired by the existing Mac Air notebook computer.
  • Multiple USB connections and Firewire.
  • 4GB RAM, Intel low power processor.
  • Non-replaceable battery.
  • Mac OS-X Touch software.
  • Improved software for handwriting recognition.
  • WiFi and maybe WiMax.
  • Data plan for Internet access and media downloads, this time from Verizon Wireless.
  • Speakers, microphone, and camera(s).
  • All software in the iTunes library that works for iPhone will work for tablet device.
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