Droid Update #3

On 2013.04.27, in Technology, by Greg

I switched to the Samsung Galaxy S3 in July of 2012. So I have been using it for nine months. The verdict: excellent, no problems. Especially good with the latest release of Android. Only complaint is battery life could be better … not as good as the iPhone 5, but good enough. The Galaxy S4 should be available soon, and there is a rugged version planned for this summer.

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PeerGuardian 2 and Logitech Vid

On 2010.01.19, in Technology, by Greg

If you use PeerGuardian 2 (PG2) and Logitech Vid, you will notice that PG2 blocks NebuAd, Inc at It turns out that this IP address actually belongs to SightSpeed, Inc. Logitech bought SightSpeed on Oct 29, 2008. Because of the nature of the videoconferencing service provided by SightSpeed, one can see that it is necessary for the workstation to check in with a SightSpeed server on a regular basis in order to be able to answer in incoming video call. That’s because most firewalls are configured to block incoming protocols and ports except responses to outgoing http, https, ftp, etc requests.

So far I can’t see an advantage of Vid over Skype.

If anyone knows why PG2 would associate NebuAd (now defunct) with SightSpeed, please leave a comment.

Also, If you see any significant advantage of SightSpeed/”Logitech Vid” over Skype, please leave a comment.

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It can be a formidable task to decide which Wiki to implement. According to WikiMatrix, there are 97 worth considering. WikiMatrix allows you to compare Wikis side by side on the basis of many important factors. WikiMatrix also has a wizard that guides you through the decision process. In my situation, I needed to compare MediaWiki, PhpWiki, and TikiWiki. I still have a hard time making up my mind. Oh well, mabye I’ll use the wizard.

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Reviewing the Reviewers

On 2007.11.09, in Society, Technology, by Greg

If you find it frustrating trying to find reviews on products around the web, try this website. ConsumerSearch.com is a service of the New York Times Company. Great Job! Quoting from their website:

For each product category, ConsumerSearch offers:

  • All The Reviews Reviewed: Our ranking and descriptions of all the top reviews, complete with links.
  • Full Story: Our complete analysis of who the experts are and what they say.
  • Fast Answers: Our listing of the top-rated products, according to the experts.
  • Where to Buy: Prices and links to retailers that offer the recommended products.

At ConsumerSearch, you will not find reports that read like advertising copy or warmed-over press releases. We strive to make our content tough and precise, and at no point are our editors influenced by advertising or other commercial considerations. Our purpose is to report the truth about what the experts are really saying. You can also use our service as a search engine to find product reviews and information, as our name suggests.

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