If you are using Microsoft Sharepoint Server and you are running into limitations like inability to link Sharepoint sites, lack of charting, steep learning curve for new apps, check out Quest Software’s Development Studio for SharePoint. They have a narrated demo that may explain things for you but note that you have to select your topic of interest from the menu on the left when the window pops up. They have 18,000 Sharepoint customers. They have lots of other tools for Sharepoint users.

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VMware Infrastructure 3

On 2007.10.13, in Technology, by Greg

This is my first post.

If you get a chance, check out VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3). Data center managers are going to love this thing. Basically it almost completely automates your data center operations. Set up blade servers, a SAN, configure your virtual machines, install VI3, install and configure your ESX templates, turn on VI3 features, and you are running. You have high availability, optimal matching of workloads to resources, continuous monitoring of facilities. I think even I could run a data center!

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