PeerGuardian 2 and Logitech Vid

On 2010.01.19, in Technology, by Greg

If you use PeerGuardian 2 (PG2) and Logitech Vid, you will notice that PG2 blocks NebuAd, Inc at It turns out that this IP address actually belongs to SightSpeed, Inc. Logitech bought SightSpeed on Oct 29, 2008. Because of the nature of the videoconferencing service provided by SightSpeed, one can see that it is necessary for the workstation to check in with a SightSpeed server on a regular basis in order to be able to answer in incoming video call. That’s because most firewalls are configured to block incoming protocols and ports except responses to outgoing http, https, ftp, etc requests.

So far I can’t see an advantage of Vid over Skype.

If anyone knows why PG2 would associate NebuAd (now defunct) with SightSpeed, please leave a comment.

Also, If you see any significant advantage of SightSpeed/”Logitech Vid” over Skype, please leave a comment.

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Every once in a while you find a video that kinda leaves you breathless. Here is one:

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Medical Missions Video Working

On 2007.12.04, in Society, by Greg

I am an advisor for the New Orleans Medical Mission Services Foundation, Inc. I have been working on a Brightcove video for 2006 missions to Ecuador and Nicaragua. It’s working (beta)! Have a look.

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