Running Windows on the Mac

On 2007.11.09, in Technology, by Greg

It’s really a shame that we can’t run Leopard – the latest Mac OS release – on a virtual machine. Apple does not allow that presumably so that you will buy Apple hardware. If you buy Mac hardware, you can run Windows on a virtual machine with Leopard as the platform. There are two choices and I’m not sure which is the better choice: Parallels Desktop 3.0 for Mac ($79 includes $25 Apple gift card) or VMware Fusion ($60 with rebate). I haven’t used Parallels. I’ve used VMware, but not VMware Fusion. If it’s as good as VMware Workstation, then it is outstanding.

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VMware Infrastructure 3

On 2007.10.13, in Technology, by Greg

This is my first post.

If you get a chance, check out VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3). Data center managers are going to love this thing. Basically it almost completely automates your data center operations. Set up blade servers, a SAN, configure your virtual machines, install VI3, install and configure your ESX templates, turn on VI3 features, and you are running. You have high availability, optimal matching of workloads to resources, continuous monitoring of facilities. I think even I could run a data center!

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